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Better light and a 40 percent energy saving

The unique LED luminaire Navo from Ansorg at Booths new supermarket in Barrowford

Booths in Barrowford produces an energy consumption of only just five watts per...
Booths in Barrowford produces an energy consumption of only just five watts per square metre.
Source: E.H. Booth & Co. Ltd., Preston

In early December the 30th supermarket of the rapidly growing food chain Booths opened in Barrowford, Lancashire. During a visit to Euroshop in March 2014 Graham Booth, one the fifth generation of this family concern, saw the Navo demonstration, and was so impressed he asked for a trial to be carried out at one of their locations.

Booths pride themselves on selling high quality food and drink. The powerful, homogeneous lighting from Navo allows the merchandise to be displayed perfectly. Using a warm light temperature of 3000k in the wine and beer areas creates cosy atmosphere. Using a light temperature of 4000k for the general lighting makes product identification easy whilst maintaining the unique ambiance required by Booths.

Ansorg was primarily responsible for the lighting in the aisle areas and over the deep-freezers. Here the novel LED luminaire Navo specialist aisle light fittings were track-mounted to give powerful, homogeneous light, evenly illuminating the products rather than the floor. Instead of monotonous aisle lighting provided by strip light, Navo brings dynamism into the aisles and brilliance onto the goods. Nevertheless a uniformly high brightness is achieved along the shelves. The special reflector geometry additionally bestows glare-free lighting and visual comfort on the customers.  

At Booths Navo also shows its whole range of variants. In the aisle areas the double directional washer is used. This produces light radiating out in both directions onto the shelves. In the perimeter areas the single-sided spotlight provides an even wash to signage and merchandise.

Booths in Barrowford produces an energy consumption of only just five watts per square metre. Phil Greenway of Greenway Electrical who has worked with Booths for many years said, ‘Following an initial trial area we illuminated the new store at Barrowford and were extremely pleased with the evenness of the light which really highlights the range and is ideal for the customers. Plus the major energy saving of 40% was very welcome’.

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