Product • 24.02.2008

BÄRO Fourtina and Fourtella recessed fixtures

Flexibly pivoted and adjustable

Thanks to reflector technology, a very small number of fixtures are sufficient...
Thanks to reflector technology, a very small number of fixtures are sufficient to show counters, sales stands and product displays in the best possible light.

A BÄRO premiere: Fourtina and Fourtella are the lighting specialist's first flexible pivoted and adjustable gimbal fixtures for the optimum illumination of retail salesrooms. This opens up a whole range of new possibilities for the presentation of products. One touch is enough to direct the new recessed fixtures precisely at the products to be illuminated, which makes changes to product displays – for example tables with special offers or seasonal products – simple and unproblematic to realise. The lighting atmosphere is also quick and simple to vary – bringing about positive changes to the salesroom.

BÄRO Food Light for the illumination of fresh foodstuffs

Whereas Fourtina is particularly well suited to the illumination of counters, sales stalls and product displays, Fourtella spotlights products with a well-directed and powerful light – also from a great height. Both Fourtina and Fourtella can be equipped with the well-proven BÄRO Food-Light technology (BFL) for the perfect illumination of fresh foodstuffs. The fixtures' special reflector and filter technology protects the fresh products from excessive heat exposure and other negative changes to their consistency. This means that the products remain fresh and appetizing to customers for longer and unnecessary product and sales losses are avoided.

Both fixtures are also available with energy-efficient BÄRO Light Star technology (BLS) for the illumination of non-food products or general lighting. This boasts an intense, bright light and provides attractive lighting highlights in every salesroom.

The Fourtina and Fourtella recessed fixtures are available in different wattages and almost all RAL colours on request, which enables the lighting to be perfectly coordinated with the existing colour scheme of the store in question.

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