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Ansorg ensures that extra lighting quality at Vitalzentrum Glotz

The lighting concept harmonises ideally with the product carrier systems which...
The lighting concept harmonises ideally with the product carrier systems which have additional product lighting integrated into them.
Source: Ansorg GmbH

For over 70 years the medical supply store Glotz has been providing its customers in the Stuttgart area with extra quality of life and meanwhile is doing this at eight locations. At the central location in Gerlingen the Vitality Centre Glotz is situated which this year was to receive refurbished shop premises.

Elke Park from the Stuttgart office Parkraum was commissioned with the interior design. Parkraum’s expertise is based on many years of planning and design experience in specialist medical supply stores. Elke Park says, “Interior design works with the proportions of the envelope in order to create a complete unit.” A room pervaded with light with a friendly ambiance is based on the existing architecture. On this ideal basis a consulting and sales area with a feel-good character is obtained.

The furnishing and fittings rely consciously on a material mix as well as on high design quality. Numerous deliberately chosen design elements make the room tangible and accessible: for example back-lit large-format graphics covered with fabric and decorative surfaces. The dominant colour white corresponds not only to Glotz’s corporate design, in the health sector it conveys rather a positive look and purity; it has a pain-soothing effect and strengthens the body’s own defences.

The lighting adapts seamlessly to the room design, the exclusive use of recessed spotlights at the same time ensures an uncluttered ceiling appearance. The ambient lighting is handled by circular downlights of the Pizza series, the diffuse acrylic glass panel guarantees pleasant and glare-free light.

Adjustable gimbal spotlights set the scene for the product carriers along the walls and in the interior of the room in an optimum, sales-promoting manner.
The visual highlight is an oval-shaped luminous ceiling above the reception desk of exactly the same shape. Integrated RGB controls here permit lighting with coloured light for special accents and exciting lighting moods.

The lighting concept harmonises ideally with the product carrier systems which have additional product lighting integrated into them. The lighting concept is, however, not only convincing as regards the light quality. With less than 20 watts per square metre on a sales area of 400 square metres a good energy value was also achieved.

Source: Ansorg GmbH

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