Unified Commerce: Mapping all processes in real time

Avoid "frustrating stumbling blocks in the shopper experience”

Once it was multichannel, then omnichannel and now unified commerce. With new software options, all the functions of a customer journey are supposed to be apparently invisible and run from a single source. Jean-Marc Thienpont, Managing Director POS ...

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Trade Fair Special

EuroCIS Special

News and innovative products from the world of retail technology concentrated in this EuroCIS trade fair special. A must read!



Showrooming – Escaping the one-way street!

Showrooming is becoming a popular retail model that addresses changed buying and information behavior

For many brick and mortar retailers, showrooming was and continues to be akin to “stealing consulting services”. After all, the term describes the practice of prospective customers of researching products in brick and mortar stores and ...

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