News • 12.04.2017

Retail litigation center files 100th brief

Milestone marks importance of retail’s voice in the judicial branch

​The Retail Litigation Center (Rlc) announced the filing of its 100th brief. The Rlc was founded in 2010 to serve as the voice of the retail industry in the judicial branch with the mission of representing retail before all ...

Company News • 05.04.2017

Ten tips for retail loss prevention

Retail loss prevention is important in all types and sizes of stores

Shoplifting and employee theft is a large part of retail loss and has a serious impact on your bottom line. 2014 shoplifting was estimated to be as much as 31 percent of retail inventory loss! Therefore, it is about time to take measures for loss ...


Video • 08.03.2017

InVue: One simple key for security

At EuroShop 2017, InVue B.V. presents a simple solution for more security

Securing high value products on display at retail must be tricky: You need to prevent the thieves from stealing but ensure that the honest consumer has a great shopping experience where security doesn’t get in the way. ...

News • 13.02.2017

New figures reveal wave of cyper-threats and rising violence against staff

The BRC’s annual Retail Crime Survey reveals that 53 per cent of retail fraud is now cyber-enabled, and violence and abuse against staff has risen by 40 per cent

The BRC’s Retail Crime Survey has today laid bare a growing new frontier of retail crime, driven by rising cyber-enabled incidents. It also reports a 40 per cent increase in violence and other forms of abuse against retail workers in the past ...

Company News • 09.11.2016

Schaeffler presents its strategy "mobility for tomorrow"

Future trends climate change, urbanization, globalization and digitalization as starting point

The demands on mobility are rapidly changing and require new responses. In order to address this challenge, the Executive Board of Schaeffler AG in close coordination with the Supervisory Board and after intensive dialogue with the Group’s ...


News • 02.11.2016

Retailers see increase in organized retail crime

Organized retail crime is continuing to grow, with 83 percent of merchants surveyed reporting an increase in the past year, according to a study by NRF

Organized retail crime is continuing to grow, with 83 percent of merchants surveyed reporting an increase in the past year, according to the 12th annual ORC studyreleased by the National Retail Federation. “Retailers continue to deal ...

Company News • 15.09.2016

UKCloud first British firm to achieve iso27018 information security certification

UKCloud has also successfully re-certified against the ISO20000 standard for IT Service Management for a further three years

UKCloud, formerly Skyscape Cloud Services Limited, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave assured cloud services company, announced that it has achieved certification against the ISO27018 information security standard, for the protection ...

Expert article • 01.09.2016

Digital processes reduce the cost of cash

Cash remains the favorite payment method of Germans for now, but it comes at a price

Cash, yes or no? Opinions differ on this. While some would like to replace it with alternative payment methods like credit cards or the smartphone right now, cash remains the preferred payment method for others. Even though paying without coins or ...

Company News • 13.06.2016

Cambridge Security Seals: real-time tracking security solutions

Leading tamper-evident seals manufacturer to highlight GPS devices within its showcase of innovative products at the NRF Protect Conference

Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), a global quality leader in tamper-evident seals and loss prevention solutions, announced that it will be showcasing its comprehensive line of innovative security products at this year's National Retail ...

Report • 23.05.2016

Hackers in search of data treasures

IT security needs to become a top priority for the retail industry

Holding up a supermarket or a gas station can pay off for criminals. Retailers are a worthwhile target, especially at night when the day’s takings are still at the store. But the potential yield for cyber criminals is far greater. While ...

Interview • 30.03.2016

"Retail shrinkage has slightly declined in Europe"

Interview with Hans-Jürgen Nausch, Global Account Manager at Checkpoint Systems

In 2014, retail shrinkage cost German retailers approximately 5 billion Euros. This is one conclusion made by the "Global Retail Theft Barometer 2014/2015", the world’s largest study on causes and costs of retail shrinkage in the retail industry.

Product • 20.08.2015

Paviro: Public address and voice evacuation system

Ease-of-use and highest energy efficiency in a complete EN54-certified solution

Bosch is pleased to present PAVIRO, a combined public address and voice evacuation system that offers outstanding audio quality. EN54-certified, easily and quickly specified and configured with optimized system costs, and extremely efficient in its ...

Report • 09.01.2015

Advantages of Video Analysis for Retail

Effectively Preventing and Tracking Shoplifting

Video analysis systems also help the retail industry in increasing security in its stores. However, just looking at the camera image doesn’t help a retailer much. Until now, the retailer often needed specially - skilled employees, who can ...

Interview • 09.01.2015

"The Search Function is Essential for Retailers"

Interview with Edmund Johanns from the Systemhaus Johanns

In the retail industry, retailers primarily want to prevent and clear up theft with video surveillance. Yet it can also save retail from many losses in the area of logistics. However, to achieve these positive effects, the entire video surveillance ...

Report • 09.01.2015

Video Surveillance in Retail – If It’s Legal

Thieves and goods damaged during transport annually cost retailers several billion Euros. This is why retailers increasingly use digital video surveillance systems to find out what the culprits are up to. However, for users to be on the right side ...

Company News • 20.05.2014

Organized retail crime still major problem for retailers

Retailers allocating more resources to combat ORC, Federal legislation still needed

A decade has passed since NRF first surveyed its community of loss prevention and security executives about the impact organized retail crime has on their company, and with the release of the 2014 survey, it’s evident that the $30 billion a ...

Report • 04.11.2013

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Has Many Different Facets

Next year, occupational health and safety will take center stage. The “Arbeitsschutz Aktuell 2014“ trade show (“Occupational Health and Safety“) is just around the corner and is not alone. Together with the “XX World ...

Interview • 04.11.2013

“Employers need to find and foster their employees’ optimum stress levels“

Iterview with Jörg Feldmann, German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)

Safety is king. Whether it’s at the end of 2013 at the A+A Trade Fair in Düsseldorf or in August 2014 at the Arbeitsschutz Aktuell Trade Fair in Frankfurt (“Occupational Safety Today“): occupational safety is and remains an ...

Interview • 04.11.2013

Safety can and needs to be learned

iXtenso-Interview with Dr. Arno Weber, Board Member for Continuing Education and Professional Development at the Federation of German Safety Engineers (VDSI)

Safety is important. Safety concerns us all – bosses as well as employees. In this iXtenso interview, Dr. Arno Weber, Board Member for Continuing Education and Professional Development at the Federation of German Safety Engineers (VDSI), talks ...

Interview • 01.11.2012

”We work on considerably improving the image“

iXtenso-Interview with Dr. Harald Olschok, Chief Executive Officer of BDSW

Security service requires trained associates. They are not available for minimum wage however and their skills have to be improved, says Dr. Harald Olschok. Since 1992, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the German Federal Association of the ...

Interview • 01.11.2012

”Lots will happen in the future in the area of access control“

Interview with Gunda Cassens-Röhrig, GFOS, Essen

Gunda Cassens-Röhrig is the Divisional Manager of Workforce Management and Security as well as a member of management at GFOS mbH. The combination of human resources management and security is no accident: you can not only monitor access ...

Report • 01.11.2012

Access Control: Who is allowed to go in and who isn’t?

Integrated solutions are becoming more and more important

One important aspect of building security is access control. The job has many aspects. Single source solutions are in great demand. Every year, EuroCIS shows what this means: many exhibitors cooperate with other partners or increase their portfolio ...

Interview • 03.09.2012

Video Technology: ”The Future of HD is digital“

Interview with Detlef Schreiber, Marketing Director DACH for EverFocus Electronics, Emmerich

EverFocus based in Taipei, Taiwan, produces digital video recorders, video cameras and accessories. In this iXtenso interview, Master of Engineering Detlef Schreiber reports on the state of technology. He says, digital technology is able to do more ...

Interview • 03.09.2012

Safety depends on the right project planning and installation

Interview with Ralf Becker, Managing Director Draht+Schutz

Ralf Becker took over the present-day Draht+Schutz company group in Celle, Germany. Today he sees the company as one of the leading suppliers of safety systems. Draht+Schutz has 17 branches and approximately 120 employees nationwide. Electrical ...

Company News • 04.02.2011

Bosch guarantees safety and security at Oberstdorf ski jump

Comprehensive concept against fire, intrusion and vandalism

Bosch Security Systems has developed and implemented a comprehensive security concept for the Heini Klopfer ski jump in Oberstdorf, Germany. The concept comprises protection against fire, intrusion detection technology and video surveillance at the ...

Product • 13.10.2010

New AutoDome Junior HD camera from Bosch

Delivers uncompromising clarity of vision for security systems

The new AutoDome Junior HD camera from Bosch HD imaging with 1080p and 720p resolutions and H.264 compression 10x optical/16x digital zoom camera for greater monitoring range Heavy-duty, compact housing is proven to outlast Bosch ...

Interview • 02.06.2010

Interview: The era of hard tags and wireless locks is running out

Thomas Willing, Managing Director of Avery Dennison Central Europe had every reason to smile at the EuroCIS because Gerry Weber received the Award for Innovation from the EHI (Association of the European Heating Industry) for introducing its ...

Report • 31.05.2010

Shoplifting costs billions, prevention pays off

Shoplifting is not some force of nature, something can be done about it. Alert staff plus modern technology – only this combination reduces losses.

Doing nothing is not an option, because if competitors arm themselves, thieves will go where the risk is lowest. Small speciality stores are often the ones left holding the bag. There is no specific shoplifter type. While some customers steal ...

Interview • 28.05.2010

Interview Shoplifting: “The potential threat remains high“

Investments to prevent theft pay off, but they need to be proportionate to losses. What counts is Return on Investment (ROI).

This is why Marco Lange, Retail Sales Director for ADT Sensormatic in Ratingen, does not have a panacea in the fight against thieves. In an interview he explains, why anti-theft protection is a complex task, how technology and trained personnel ...

Product • 11.01.2010

Bosch introduces LED flat-panel monitor range

Sharp, flicker-free display minimizes eye fatigue

Bosch Security Systems is introducing a range of LED flat-panel high-resolution monitors for use with analog video, digital video recorder (DVR) and PC applications. The new range, which is being introduced alongside a similar range of normal LCD ...

Report • 20.02.2009

Catch Shoplifters - Document Incidents - Reduce Losses

Modern technology plus attentive personnel – only this combination can guarantee a reduction in losses caused by shoplifting. Item security is a complex task, for which a number of solutions exist. Nevertheless, a single 'wonder weapon' is yet to ...


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