Company News • 03.08.2022

Rockler streamlines corporate to-store communication with Reflexis

Cloud-based task management solution improves planning and execution

The implementation of Zebra Technologies' Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager software solution has improved store communications and increased productivity through better task execution at U.S. retailer Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

Rockler is a US-American chain which had big challenges around task management. This mainly stemmed from an overreliance on emails and PDFs for task delegation and assignment. The company began seeking a new, more advanced solution to help with task management. 

With the implementation of the Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager software solution, Rockler now has more streamlined communication between the company and branches throughout the organization. Task execution in the branches has improved and task completion is more transparent. More effective reporting supports regional managers.

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Company growth needs improved task management

The history of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware began in 1954, when Norton Rockler started the Minnesota Woodworkers Supply Company in Minneapolis. Originally a mail-order business, the company had a big aspiration – to become the go-to resource for all things related to woodworking projects. Rockler now operates over 30 stores across the United States.

As the company grew, it realized it needed to improve its corporate-to-store communication and go-to-market strategy execution. The company had relied heavily on email and PDF documents to communicate tasks and projects such as promotions, product launches, seasonal campaigns, and more to stores.

This resulted in several challenges: 

  • Store managers spent too much time in the office sifting through emails, trying to determine what exactly corporate wanted done. 
  • Corporate and regional management lacked visibility into which store teams had read or completed tasks, and when. 
  • The company lacked a two-way feedback mechanism to identify opportunities for operational improvement. 

“We had the same challenges as big box retailers,” says Lori Larsen, Director of Retail Operations for the company. “Using email to communicate to our stores was very tedious. A one-week packet of information was a page PDF at times. Each packet would have action item after action item buried on page 5, 6, 7, 8, and so on. Our teams had to cut “and peck” for information, which is nothing but wasted time.”

A Rockler executive who had seen the benefits of Reflexis Task Manager™ at his previous company recommended Rockler look into the store execution solution.

Rockler implemented the cloud-based task management, store auditing, and mobility solution, going from project kickoff to rollout in all stores in just three weeks. “Implementing Reflexis was probably one of the fastest and easiest implementations I’ve ever gone through,” Larsen says. “The support team from Reflexis was amazing.”

Positive impacts Rockler saw post-implementation: 

  • Streamlined corporate to store communication

“Reflexis makes it easier for stores. They no longer have to look through 18 emails to find that one item. The search function is also a huge help for corporate and stores.”

  • Improved planning and execution

“The solution gives us total control over how communications go out and are assigned. Being able to select where the communication is going and being more concise really helped us out. The number of emails sent for clarification sake has diminished.” 

  • Task completion visibility

“We now have total visibility as to when people are executing. That’s something we never had prior to Reflexis. We now have accountability.” 

  • Continuous improvement

“We can also tell when we didn’t give stores enough time to complete a task. We learn from that and adjust. Reflexis helps us support our stores in their role. Stores execute better to achieve their sales and customer experience goals.”

  • Better reporting for regional managers

“Regional managers can now tell how fast and engaged stores are in task execution. It also gives regional managers visibility into opportunities to help with performance.”


“Implementing Reflexis has taken our customer experience to the next level,” Larsen concludes. “Consistency in execution of tasks leads to consistency in behavior on the floor. Store managers get out of the office and onto the sales floor where they can help, guide, and mentor.”

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