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26.01.2011   #terminals #mobile terminals

Hoeft & Wessel: More than 250,000 mobile terminals and nearly 100,000 ticket vending machines

Total sales revenues have exceeded EUR 1 billion since IPO in 1998 - Increasing internationalisation: presence in more than 30 countries

In a corporate history exceeding 30 years, the Hoeft & Wessel Group has delivered well over 250,000 mobile data capture/processing terminals and nearly 100,000 ticket vending machines and car park ticket terminals. In particular, Hoeft & Wessel´s ...

Thumbnail-Photo: VCODisp transforms the checkout area into a comfort zone for customers...
09.02.2010   #digital information systems (DIS) #electric displays

VCODisp transforms the checkout area into a comfort zone for customers

More space and better overview at the checkout: At the EuroCIS 2010 (Hall 14, B 67), METTLER TOLEDO is showing food re-tailers how to improve the overview and create space in the sensitive checkout area – creating the perfect shopping ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PT980 Data Collection Terminal
20.07.2009   #terminals #mobile terminals

PT980 Data Collection Terminal

The Data collection terminal for various applications

The PT980 is a ergonomic portable data terminal / PDA for various applications such as stock control, ordering, access control / ticket verification and more. Data can be collected via the 1D laser scanner, 1D/2D imager and/or RFID reader. An IP54 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: HR200 1D/2D hand held scanner
20.07.2009   #terminals #mobile terminals

HR200 1D/2D hand held scanner

The hand held scanner to capture 1D and 2D barcodes.

The HR200 is a design and ergonomic hand held scanner to capture 1D and 2D barcodes. It has an optional flexible stand and the PI54 rating makes it dust –and water proof. Thanks to the independent designed and manufactured “UIMG” core ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The NQuire 200
13.07.2009   #terminals #mobile terminals

The NQuire 200

The customer information terminal

The NQuire 200 customer information terminal is designed to read/scan, inform and interact with your customer. It is excellent for communicating prices, product information and loyalty points. This small and attractive information terminal reads ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Information Panels: Waterfall - Elegant and Modern Design by Maxto...
02.04.2009   #info terminals

Information Panels: Waterfall - Elegant and Modern Design by Maxto Technology

MAXTO TECHNOLOGY information panels adjusted exactly to the needs of our clients, remains a source of complete and solid information available anywhere it is needed. The Information Kiosks and Information Panels ensure 24/7 access to information ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Information Panels: Iva - Simple Beauty
02.04.2009   #info terminals

Information Panels: Iva - Simple Beauty

Our Information Kiosks and Information Panels ensure 24/7 access to information virtually anywhere where you may need it. Thanks to our experts we provide the most modern solutions carefully tailored to our customers' needs. High quality software ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kioskterminal C-Strata
11.10.2007   #kiosk terminals #info terminals

Kioskterminal C-Strata

The C-Strata offers an improved enclosure for presentations. Data can be seen by all spectators resulting from an interactive touch screen displayed at an alluring angle. The C-Strata kiosk enables a dynamic atmosphere allowing presentations to be ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kiosk Terminal C2-Strata
11.10.2007   #kiosk terminals #info terminals

Kiosk Terminal C2-Strata

The C2-Strata comes in a wall mounted version for eliminating floor space and is a highly visible kiosk within any environment that requires floor space saving. The perfect solution for high traffic locations the C2-Strata can be integrated into the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kiosk Terminal D-Strata
25.09.2007   #terminals #terminal solutions

Kiosk Terminal D-Strata

This new and innovative model was designed to answer the need of larger volume and ease of maintenance. The square box enables integration of printers, pinpads, card readers, chip & pin, etc. The front opening enables more convenient access to ...


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