Lange Enden 29
13437 Berlin

Phone: 030 521 39 10 70
Fax: 030 521 39 10 79

E-Mail: gf@qps-marketing-gruppe.de
Internet: www.qps-marketing-gruppe.de

Founding Year: 2009
Number of Employees: 1-10

The QPS Marketing Group has existed since 2009 and is a traditional, owner-managed family business, which intermeshes the areas of sales, personnel, operation and organisation and combines them in the interest of our clients. Examples are the classic test purchases and price analyses for competitors as well as a honesty test purchase in Mystery Research. A further component is theft prevention and with a so-called test theft, we uncover security gaps and implement measures to increase results in the interest of the customer.

We describe ourselves as personnel, management and organisational consultants, with our core areas of automotive, real estate, retail, industry and services. Classically, we also advise small and medium-sized companies in the field of personnel consulting.
In global terms, we deal with the topics of quality, personnel and safety in a complete company cycle.

Seen in a strategic triangle, the customer, the personnel and the company stand with us, because all need themselves around success to have.