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Delfi Technologies GmbH

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Delfi Technologies A/S is a successful European supplier with headquarter in Denmark and offices in Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Vietnam. The company has been offering barcode solutions for process optimization for more than 25 years with innovation that provides realization of customer requirements.

With over 6 million electronic shelf labels installed across almost 1,000, Delfi Technologies' Breece Division is one of the market leaders for ESL solutions and fully graphic electronic labels.

With our offices in Europe, we offer the best service and support in the implementation of innovation strategies that strengthen your company!

Electronic shelf labels also known as digital price tags or ePaper, now replace the paper label in our digital world! The limitation and availability of manually supplied information on paper belongs to the past. Delfi Technologies provides the ideal basis for easy integration and safe operation.

The Breece software not only combines ESL (electronic shelf label) with mobile devices (Android, iOS or MDE's), but also integrates additional technologies, such as BLE Beacon and Digital Signage, for a new way of communicating to both consumers and your own staff.

Whether you prefer an "On-Premises", "Cloud" or "Enterprise" based system; we have successfully implemented all variants with our Breece System. They all form the reliable basis for our unique communication and automation solutions, used by many well-known companies within retail and now also within industry.

Delfi Technologies uses e-ink technology based on displays from Displaydata to provide you with the best black and "paper-white" - black, red and "paper-white" – or black, yellow and “paper-white” displays with the Chroma series.

The Dynamic Communicator requires a minimal installation effort and can cover up to 5,000m² and supply 65,000 electronic shelf labels with data. This is how a modern infrastructure looks like!

As a leading ESL provider, we take the individual requirements of individual companies into account in order to achieve the desired goals for a strategic alignment with the customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

News by Delfi Technologies GmbH

Thumbnail-Photo: 3 stores aim high and brands themselves digitally...

Company News • 16.11.2017

3 stores aim high and brands themselves digitally

The tele company, 3, strongly focuses on the digital costumer experience

The new 3 stores will be build up as an inspiring and interactive framework for the choice of phones and accessories with electronic shelf labels, as well as a stylish and welcoming environment that embraces the costumer. The 29th of September, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Giving costumers transparency and the right prices at the shelf edge...

Electronic Shelf Labels • 05.09.2017

Giving costumers transparency and the right prices at the shelf edge

Link between online and physical stores

Ensuring the same prices online and at the shelves in the physical stores can be a big challenge when you run a differentiated product strategy and want to offer customers a consistent experience and service across all channels. These are ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Electronic shelf labels ensure accurate pricing...

Company News • 17.07.2017

Electronic shelf labels ensure accurate pricing

Department store giant Bauhaus is launching a pilot project to replace its in-store paper pricing

To meet customer expectations in today’s competitive market, Bauhaus makes daily price changes for a selection of items. Currently, these changes are made manually by staff who spend a great deal of time adjusting the prices in the system, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Supermarket in Denmark is first mover in the retail industry...

Company News • 10.07.2017

Supermarket in Denmark is first mover in the retail industry

Kvickly Ry is first mover in the retail industry with electronic shelf labels, the e-supermarket OSUMA and much more

A big curiosity and desire to explore new and different ways to run supermarkets is, among other things, something that makes Kvickly Ry a first mover in the retail industry. In 2006, Kvickly Ry was the first supermarket in Denmark to implement ...

Thumbnail-Photo: SkatePro thinks out of the box

Company News • 06.06.2017

SkatePro thinks out of the box

Best B2C E-commerce company creates new opportunities with electronic shelf labels

SkatePro - Scandinavia's largest online skateshop for scooters, roller skates and skate boards, was started in 1996 and has stores in both Århus and Copenhagen (Denmark). ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Label items electronically with Breece System...

Company News • 10.05.2017

Label items electronically with Breece System

Thanks to the Breece System, the photo retailer in Düsseldorf ‘Foto Koch’ can label its items electronically and always keep products up to date

Customers of this business, located in the heart of the shopping district, are guaranteed to always pay the right price thanks to an hourly comparison of internet prices. The effort required is minimal, merely a simple update in the ERP ...