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Company News • 17.02.2017

How to get shorter lines in your store

Speed up the checkouts and avoid long queues

Most people want their checkout experience to be as fast as possible. While retailers know queues are inevitable, new research* shows just how much of an impact a long line can have on purchase behaviour. The researchers discovered that the length ...

News • 16.02.2017

Organizations must pay attention to new factors driving customer loyalty in the digital age

Accenture Strategy unveils the new ‘languages of loyalty’ driving customer relationships in the digital age

Organizations are wasting billions of dollars each year on customer loyalty programs that don’t work like they used to, according to new research from Accenture Strategy. With millions of loyalty points sitting dormant and the majority of U.S. ...

Interview • 13.02.2017

Shopfitting: "Sustainability is a driving force and not the antithesis of design"

Interview with Dr. Christian Hilz, Managing Director at TREND-Store on customer loyalty resulting from sustainable actions

His genuine enthusiasm for responsible shopfitting is palpable. Dr. Christian Hilz of Trend-Store is one of those people who is wholeheartedly facing this tough challenge and willing to pass his knowledge on to others. For him, the key to ...

Canal Grande • 01.02.2017

Pure-, cross-, multi- or omni-channel retailing …

Retailers tend to get lost in their own buzz-words and to lose sight of the most important aspect: What do customers actually want?

One of the special charms about the lagoon city of Venice is its many channels, or canals, both small and big. Innumerable bridges connect them to an open labyrinth of water, as well as traditional streets. With so many different shopping channels ...

Product • 07.12.2016

uberall launches tool to influence consumers' buying decisions via social

World's first to use Facebook's API feature

uberall announced the launch of its local social engagement tool today, Engage. The tool enables businesses to make more sales by influencing local customers’ purchasing decisions at key moments in the sales cycle, and is one of the ...

News • 03.11.2016

Mixed results on core experience factors among supermarket shoppers

Opportunities exist despite high overall satisfaction and strong likelihood to recommend scores

The Retail Feedback Group (RFG), a leader in providing actionable stakeholder feedback, today released the 2016 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study. The research, now in its ninth year, found that supermarkets, on a five-point scale where five is ...

Report • 31.08.2016

Conversational Commerce: Messenger Apps are the new sales channels

Addressing the customer in real-time is on the rise

Retailers want to reach their customers where they are – on the social web. In times of social media omnipresence, these are primarily messenger services. They don’t just lend themselves for customer service inquiries but also offer the ...

Interview • 24.05.2016

”Delivery is crucial in the online shopping experience“

Interview with Arjan Kerkhoff, Senior Director Key Account Management Northern & Central Europe at MetaPack

Not only are they young and like to spend money, they are also very tech savvy: the Millennial Generation. Since they grew up with the Internet, they are well informed and already had experiences with online retailers. In this iXtenso interview, ...

Online stores and customer service • 10.05.2016

Of live chats and artificially intelligent search engines

Man or machine: who would you like to get advice from? That probably depends on the way you are being approached.

Whether it is via live chats with real employees or artificially intelligent search functions such as IBM’s Watson. The only thing that’s important here is to answer customer requests as fast and easily as possible. You are probably ...

Interview • 02.05.2016

"True omnichannel retailers understand that the customer comes first"

Interview with Channie Mize, General Manager for Retail at Periscope, a McKinsey Solution

At the World Retail Congress 2016 in Dubai, Periscope has conducted a survey among the conference participants which found that most retailers (78 percent) are still not in a position to offer their customers a consistent brand experience across all ...

Report • 02.05.2016

Playfully increasing sales at the POS

Gamification in brick-and-mortar stores

What types of advertising still work at the POS system today? More than ever, retailers need to ask themselves this question. After all, even if customers can still be approached by using classic advertising techniques, it’s unclear which form ...

Company News • 08.04.2016

Expanding the role of the trusted advisor through cash management

Cash management automation improves the customer experience at the checkout

One of the biggest challenges retailers face is the cost of handling cash. Between counting cash repeatedly, reconciling cash drawer amounts, and transporting bills and coins to the bank, a lot of time and money is spent on managing the process.

Report • 04.02.2016

Customer approach becomes more digital – and practical

Fresh ideas for retailing at the BMWI joint booth at EuroCIS

Lifeless mannequins with whom customers cannot identify could soon be a thing of the past. At least, if it’s up to new entrepreneur Mesut Yilmaz. He has developed a digital marketing concept for retailer’s store windows which he will be presenting at EuroCIS.

Report • 11.11.2015

Otto experiments with NFC

Sticker as a "Product Wizard"

Online retailer OTTO currently experiments with the different possible applications of the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. But Otto is not looking for payment functions, but rather focusing on the service aspect. With an NFC-button ...

Report • 28.10.2015

Sainsbury's responds to current shopping trends

New store layout and more checkout options are tested

A supermarket moves with the times: Sainsbury's is now testing new ways to respond to the changing demands of today's customers at six locations in the United Kingdom. The most important new features are an extensive adaptation of the ...

Report • 28.10.2015

Comparing prices directly at the checkout

Tesco starts “Brand Guarantee” to ensure its customers are paying the best price

As the first supermarket chain in the UK Tesco has now introduced a best price guarantee. The prices of products in the customer’s shopping cart are compared with those of the other major chains Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's directly at ...

Report • 27.10.2015

Just try it: What brick-and-mortar stores do better than online retailers

Experiencing and testing with all senses

Over hill, over dale or off to bed ‒ getting to test products directly in the store is a real advantage brick-and-mortar businesses have over online retailers. All of our senses become a part of the purchase decision in this case. Creating an ...

Company News • 22.10.2015

Shop-in-Shop for coffee at the supermarket

REWE and Starbucks announce partnership

Gastronomy in retail currently is a big issue. Dining options invite customers to linger and create a cozy atmosphere in which mere shopping no longer is in the foreground. REWE and Starbucks also have recognized this and plan the integration of ...

Report • 07.10.2015

Using Digital Hubs

Multichannel customer service is the order of the day

When consumers have issues with a product today, they want to contact customer service via a channel that is easiest for them to access in case they have a problem or question. What’s crucial for companies: the quality of service needs to be ...

Interview • 01.10.2015

"Today’s consumers primarily want a seamless customer journey"

Interview with Robert Wucher, Head of Technology and Digital Client Solutions, GfK

To understand what services customers expect today, retailers should know exactly what touchpoints their customers use to get in touch. Only then can they align their sales approach, advertising and services accordingly. Robert Wucher, Digital ...

Report • 08.06.2015

Shopping experience with culinary treats

Gastronomy concepts for retail are becoming ever more popular

Eating out, especially during a shopping trip, is increasingly something customers like to do. Regardless of whether this is just snacks in between or replacing a main meal – this offers retailers who also rely on gastronomy concepts a big ...

Company News • 24.05.2015

Technology and the changing face of „retailtainment“

See the big picture with retail analytics

As society becomes increasingly experience-driven, the shopping centre industry finds itself redefining its offering to keep up with demands and requirements. ‘Retailtainment’, a term first used in 1999 by American Sociologist George ...

Interview • 27.04.2015

“You should never collect data you would need to keep secret from the customer“

Interview with Axel Jahn, Managing Director of Netpioneer GmbH

The increasing digitalization in retail helps retailers get to know their customers better. After all, the modern shopper leaves his/her data at every touchpoint – whether that’s in the online store, during mobile shopping or directly at ...

Report • 06.02.2015

Making sparks fly: iBeacons for the retail industry

Opportunities for stores and tips for retailers

Two years ago, Apple launched iBeacons. The tiny “light beacons" can provide a great added benefit for the retail industry, but only if retailers think long and hard about how much and especially what kind of information they would like ...

Interview • 01.10.2013

"Customers and Retailers Support Each Other With Information"

Interview with Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services, TrendONE

Mobile devices create a new type of connection between customer and retailer. Both sides can access information and sales offers at anytime and anywhere. In our current interview, Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services with the trend analysis ...

Interview • 01.10.2013

“Retailer Apps accompany the customer inside and outside of the store”

Interview with Jürgen Berens von Rautenfeld, CEO and President, Online Software AG

eCommerce is putting brick and mortar retailers under increasing pressure today. But this also leads to the development of new, innovative ideas that attract the customers and drive them back into the store by offering them an added value. In our ...

Report • 01.10.2013

Sales Success with Well-Managed Touchpoints

The encounter with the brand is crucial

The number of products offered at supermarkets or discounters is enormous: consumers can find approximately 10,000 products in a supermarket and ca. 2,000 in discount stores (German Trade Association). Many are part of the same segment and compete ...

Interview • 01.09.2010

Your own data base has dormant information that only needs to be dug up

Interview with Sylvia Detzel, Marketing Consultant and lecturer

Sylvia Detzel, owner of the consulting firm Detzel Marketing, lectures at the Dual University in Stuttgart on the subject of ”Data base systems, Analytical CRM and Data Mining.“ Is this hype or essential for business success? Where are ...

Interview • 01.09.2010

“We do not deal with data, but with fashion“

Interview with Thomas Wanke, Managing Director Adler-Modemärkte

Whether it’s Payback, Ikea Family or Bahncard – there is no ideal customer card. A conclusion, Stiftung Warentest (the German equivalent of “Consumer Reports“) arrived at in August. They investigated how big the average ...


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