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News • 16.02.2017

Organizations must pay attention to new factors driving customer loyalty in the digital age

Accenture Strategy unveils the new ‘languages of loyalty’ driving customer relationships in the digital age

Organizations are wasting billions of dollars each year on customer loyalty programs that don’t work like they used to, according to new research from Accenture Strategy. With millions of loyalty points sitting dormant and the majority of U.S. ...

Company News • 06.12.2016

Customer satisfaction is more important than ever during the festive season

Retailers need to ensure their supply chain is agile enough to handle the volume spike

The end of year festive season is almost upon us and for many businesses, especially those in the retail sector, this means the start of the peak activity period. In order to realize revenue targets, as well as offer a shopping experience that ...

News • 03.11.2016

Mixed results on core experience factors among supermarket shoppers

Opportunities exist despite high overall satisfaction and strong likelihood to recommend scores

The Retail Feedback Group (RFG), a leader in providing actionable stakeholder feedback, today released the 2016 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study. The research, now in its ninth year, found that supermarkets, on a five-point scale where five is ...

Report • 31.08.2016

Conversational Commerce: Messenger Apps are the new sales channels

Addressing the customer in real-time is on the rise

Retailers want to reach their customers where they are – on the social web. In times of social media omnipresence, these are primarily messenger services. They don’t just lend themselves for customer service inquiries but also offer the ...

Delivery service • 29.06.2016

When your front door guards the beer crates

The beverage supplier “Trinkkiste“ delivers drinks with no deadline pressure

When beverage supplier “Trinkkiste“ from Berlin delivers its products, it is not bound to set times. A patented locking system that can chain the beverage crates to the door makes all of this possible. The online pure player also ...

Interview • 24.05.2016

”Delivery is crucial in the online shopping experience“

Interview with Arjan Kerkhoff, Senior Director Key Account Management Northern & Central Europe at MetaPack

Not only are they young and like to spend money, they are also very tech savvy: the Millennial Generation. Since they grew up with the Internet, they are well informed and already had experiences with online retailers. In this iXtenso interview, ...

Interview • 02.05.2016

"True omnichannel retailers understand that the customer comes first"

Interview with Channie Mize, General Manager for Retail at Periscope, a McKinsey Solution

At the World Retail Congress 2016 in Dubai, Periscope has conducted a survey among the conference participants which found that most retailers (78 percent) are still not in a position to offer their customers a consistent brand experience across all ...

Report • 02.05.2016

Playfully increasing sales at the POS

Gamification in brick-and-mortar stores

What types of advertising still work at the POS system today? More than ever, retailers need to ask themselves this question. After all, even if customers can still be approached by using classic advertising techniques, it’s unclear which form ...

Company News • 08.04.2016

Expanding the role of the trusted advisor through cash management

Cash management automation improves the customer experience at the checkout

One of the biggest challenges retailers face is the cost of handling cash. Between counting cash repeatedly, reconciling cash drawer amounts, and transporting bills and coins to the bank, a lot of time and money is spent on managing the process.

Report • 05.04.2016

Missed opportunities: Challenging online shopping

Accessible websites generate sales

First, the good news: technically, there should only be winners when it comes to this subject. Providers of accessible websites service the largest possible group of customers and generate the most sales. However, many people need to overcome ...

Report • 04.02.2016

Customer approach becomes more digital – and practical

Fresh ideas for retailing at the BMWI joint booth at EuroCIS

Lifeless mannequins with whom customers cannot identify could soon be a thing of the past. At least, if it’s up to new entrepreneur Mesut Yilmaz. He has developed a digital marketing concept for retailer’s store windows which he will be presenting at EuroCIS.

Report • 30.11.2015

Don’t underestimate their importance: Restrooms as a customer service

Pros, cons and alternatives to offering your own customer restrooms

Sooner or later, we all need to use it ... the restroom. And especially during a longer shopping trip in town. Yet many retailers don’t provide restrooms for their customers. Understandable but in the future a potential service shortfall that ...

Report • 11.11.2015

Otto experiments with NFC

Sticker as a "Product Wizard"

Online retailer OTTO currently experiments with the different possible applications of the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. But Otto is not looking for payment functions, but rather focusing on the service aspect. With an NFC-button ...

Report • 28.10.2015

Comparing prices directly at the checkout

Tesco starts “Brand Guarantee” to ensure its customers are paying the best price

As the first supermarket chain in the UK Tesco has now introduced a best price guarantee. The prices of products in the customer’s shopping cart are compared with those of the other major chains Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's directly at ...

Report • 28.10.2015

Sainsbury's responds to current shopping trends

New store layout and more checkout options are tested

A supermarket moves with the times: Sainsbury's is now testing new ways to respond to the changing demands of today's customers at six locations in the United Kingdom. The most important new features are an extensive adaptation of the ...

Company News • 22.10.2015

Shop-in-Shop for coffee at the supermarket

REWE and Starbucks announce partnership

Gastronomy in retail currently is a big issue. Dining options invite customers to linger and create a cozy atmosphere in which mere shopping no longer is in the foreground. REWE and Starbucks also have recognized this and plan the integration of ...

Report • 07.10.2015

Using Digital Hubs

Multichannel customer service is the order of the day

When consumers have issues with a product today, they want to contact customer service via a channel that is easiest for them to access in case they have a problem or question. What’s crucial for companies: the quality of service needs to be ...

Report • 08.06.2015

Shopping experience with culinary treats

Gastronomy concepts for retail are becoming ever more popular

Eating out, especially during a shopping trip, is increasingly something customers like to do. Regardless of whether this is just snacks in between or replacing a main meal – this offers retailers who also rely on gastronomy concepts a big ...

Company News • 24.05.2015

Technology and the changing face of „retailtainment“

See the big picture with retail analytics

As society becomes increasingly experience-driven, the shopping centre industry finds itself redefining its offering to keep up with demands and requirements. ‘Retailtainment’, a term first used in 1999 by American Sociologist George ...

Interview • 22.05.2015

"You don’t have to be instantly 100 percent green"

Retail lags behind when it comes to sustainable packaging. Interview with Peter Désilets, pacoon AG

German retailers are scaredy cats – at least when it pertains to sustainable packaging concepts. The fact that they could save up to 20 percent in costs by using them and that they are passing up an immense image improvement, barely seems to ...

Report • 06.02.2015

Making sparks fly: iBeacons for the retail industry

Opportunities for stores and tips for retailers

Two years ago, Apple launched iBeacons. The tiny “light beacons" can provide a great added benefit for the retail industry, but only if retailers think long and hard about how much and especially what kind of information they would like ...

Report • 01.12.2014

Small food court ‒ big prospects

The longtime gastronomy concept right in the middle of the Knauber Freizeitmarkt (Hobby Shop)

It is among the trailblazers of gastronomy services offered right in the middle of the sales floor – at least when it comes to craft and hobby stores. For the past 14 years, the Knauber Freizeitmarkt in Bonn-Endenich, Germany, has offered its ...

Interview • 01.10.2014

"More sales through greater relevance"

Interview with Florian Lüft, Apptus Business Development

Today, customers can choose from a variety of online shops to buy the desired products. So how can a retailer stand out from the competition? Experience shows: Personalized offers increase the conversion rate and make the customers happy - but only ...

Company News • 08.05.2014

Snobby staff can boost luxury retail sales

The forthcoming Journal of Consumer Research study reveals that consumers who get the brush-off at a high-end  retailer can become more willing to purchase and wear pricey togs.  "It appears that snobbiness might actually be a ...

Interview • 01.10.2013

“Retailer Apps accompany the customer inside and outside of the store”

Interview with Jürgen Berens von Rautenfeld, CEO and President, Online Software AG

eCommerce is putting brick and mortar retailers under increasing pressure today. But this also leads to the development of new, innovative ideas that attract the customers and drive them back into the store by offering them an added value. In our ...

Interview • 01.10.2013

"Customers and Retailers Support Each Other With Information"

Interview with Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services, TrendONE

Mobile devices create a new type of connection between customer and retailer. Both sides can access information and sales offers at anytime and anywhere. In our current interview, Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services with the trend analysis ...

Report • 01.10.2013

Sales Success with Well-Managed Touchpoints

The encounter with the brand is crucial

The number of products offered at supermarkets or discounters is enormous: consumers can find approximately 10,000 products in a supermarket and ca. 2,000 in discount stores (German Trade Association). Many are part of the same segment and compete ...

Interview • 01.07.2013

It should be fresh and ready

Convenience shops in tune with the times

Sandwich in hand and coffee to go: today’s customer likes things quick and easy. Aside from the need for healthy convenience products, consumers also want an adventure when they shop for groceries. In our interview, Angela Krause from the ...

Interview • 01.09.2011

“There is no CRM software, CRM should be in every software“

Interview with Hannes Rambold, CEO MobiMedia Group

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a department in a company, but rather the holistic idea of business management that’s based on customer value. Based on this maxim, Hannes Rambold asks for software that’s used for customer ...

Report • 01.09.2011

New mobile opportunities in digital marketing

Retail is able to achieve more and more, particularly by reaching younger consumers via cell- and smartphones. That’s why applications – so-called apps – for the new mobile gadgets played a very big role at the EuroCIS. Yet also in existing ...


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