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Video • 09.03.2017

Solutions for the Connected World from Verifone

Payment terminals are increasingly becoming the network endpoint

Verifone's EuroShop appearance therefore has the slogan „Solutions for the Connected World“. Markus Hövekamp explains in the interview what this means for modern communication. ...

Expert article • 20.12.2016

Mobile Payment – Germans don’t like to pay with their mobile phones

Point solutions are an integral part of spreading mobile payment solutions

In Germany, the mobile payment issue is actually an illusory giant: every year business consultants outdo their predictions on its enormous potential to increase sales. In its recent market analysis, the information technology company GFT, for ...

Interview • 26.09.2016

Pay by using your fingerprint: growing interest in biometric payment systems

Interview with Marc Fliehe, Divisional Director of Information Security at Bitkom - Digitalverband Deutschland (Germany’s Digital Association)

Mobile payment options with smartphones have not comprehensively made their way into brick-and-mortar stores yet, at least not in Germany. On the other hand, interest in biometric payment systems is growing. Today, many users already unlock their ...

Interview • 07.03.2016

"A significant development of the payment processes in retail"

Interview with Christoph von Lingen, Country Sales Leader at Toshiba

Self Checkout still has not had its breakthrough in Germany - though it may nonetheless be worthwhile to invest in the necessary infrastructure. Christoph von Lingen from Toshiba explains in this interview, which developments can be expected in the next few years in the checkout area.

Product • 01.02.2016

Who’s afraid of Amazon Fresh?

NCR Power Picking prepares for the growing pressure in grocery retail

Many believe that Amazon’s new grocery delivery services will put food retailers under pressure and will see a huge increase on in-store fulfillment. As analysts have estimated that more global consumers will give online shopping a shot in 2016.

Report • 28.10.2015

Sainsbury's responds to current shopping trends

New store layout and more checkout options are tested

A supermarket moves with the times: Sainsbury's is now testing new ways to respond to the changing demands of today's customers at six locations in the United Kingdom. The most important new features are an extensive adaptation of the ...

Report • 08.10.2015

The sales personnel in the store gets a mobile upgrade

A complete multichannel system enables selling anywhere in the store

Multichannel is the order of the day – no retailer can still afford not to connect all his sales channels. This usually means a technological challenge in the first place because many different systems must work together. But there are also ...

Company News • 06.10.2015

Using jewellery instead of a smart phone to pay?

Startup develops first ring for contactless payment

Paying just with a gesture – this is the promise of simplicity which is one of the big advantages of contactless payment using NFC technology. But there are some clever heads who think that there still is a simpler way to pay than using an app ...

Interview • 01.10.2015

"Today’s consumers primarily want a seamless customer journey"

Interview with Robert Wucher, Head of Technology and Digital Client Solutions, GfK

To understand what services customers expect today, retailers should know exactly what touchpoints their customers use to get in touch. Only then can they align their sales approach, advertising and services accordingly. Robert Wucher, Digital ...

Interview • 19.06.2015

"Consumer willingness to make cashless payments needs to increase"

Interview with Dr. Markus Weber, Managing Director of Ingenico Payment Services

Within the scope of the Regulation of the European Parliament, the payments market will continue to change. Given dwindling margins, only larger payment service providers will be able to afford the continued integration of new payment methods and ...

Report • 12.06.2015

Mobile Payment slowly gains momentum

German consumers are also interested in mobile payments

It is a truism that continue to be confirmed in studies: German consumers love paying with cash. Based on recent assessments by the EHI Retail Institute, nearly 80 percent of transactions in German retail is still handled with cash. According to ...

Interview • 18.05.2015

“Many touchpoints increase customer loyalty“

Interview with Roland Fesenmayr, CEO of OXID eSales AG

In omnichannel commerce, retailers can reach their customers in many different situations. Nevertheless, brick-and-mortar retailing remains an important part of the customer journey. In this interview, Roland Fesenmayr, CEO of OXID eSales, explains ...

Interview • 16.03.2015

“Usability is essential for the shopping experience“

Interview with Eric Jankowfsky, Managing Director of Jankowfsky AG

What is the best way to connect my online store with my branch offices?“ This is a question many retailers are currently asking themselves. We spoke with Eric Jankowfsky, Managing Director of Jankowfsky AG, about the challenges for retailers ...

Interview • 01.09.2014

"Checkout systems have to be stable and intuitive to use"

Interview with Marcel Mansfeld, CEO, pepperbill GmbH

Retailers are always searching for new ways to enhance the customer's shopping experience. This includes the integration of gastronomic offerings - especially in supermarkets. And also here, the customer has to pay. Therefore, pepperbill has ...

Report • 02.06.2014

Current Trends in Mobile Retail Solutions

Overview of the current generation of Mobile Devices and their advantages

Retailers continue to increase their use of mobile devices. No wonder, since current software and hardware provides several advantages in process control and management of staff, inventory and stores. Within the scope of its current focal topic ...

Report • 02.06.2014

Bright prospects for mobile shoppers

Retailers need to optimize web contents for any mobile device

More and more customers shop with their mobile phones. To optimally prepare for smartphone and tablet users, retailers do not just need a web-optimized online store. With the help of apps, search engine optimization and emails with responsive web ...

Report • 01.10.2013

Sales Success with Well-Managed Touchpoints

The encounter with the brand is crucial

The number of products offered at supermarkets or discounters is enormous: consumers can find approximately 10,000 products in a supermarket and ca. 2,000 in discount stores (German Trade Association). Many are part of the same segment and compete ...

Interview • 01.10.2013

“Retailer Apps accompany the customer inside and outside of the store”

Interview with Jürgen Berens von Rautenfeld, CEO and President, Online Software AG

eCommerce is putting brick and mortar retailers under increasing pressure today. But this also leads to the development of new, innovative ideas that attract the customers and drive them back into the store by offering them an added value. In our ...

Interview • 01.10.2013

"Customers and Retailers Support Each Other With Information"

Interview with Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services, TrendONE

Mobile devices create a new type of connection between customer and retailer. Both sides can access information and sales offers at anytime and anywhere. In our current interview, Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services with the trend analysis ...

Interview • 03.06.2013

"In Germany, true mobile payment is still in its infancy"

Interview with Svenja Groß, Project Manager at E-Commerce-Center Cologne (ECC Cologne)

Mobile payment solutions using smartphones and tablets have been said to stand before their breakthrough on the market for quite a time now. During 2013, the point shall be reached were they enter the mass market with force. In the interview, Svenja ...

Report • 03.06.2013

Mobile Payment - Variety of offers confuses consumers

To many cooks spoil the broth - This is especially the case when it comes to the topic of Mobile Payment

An ever larger number of different suppliers with different solutions are now active on the market. Of course there are customers who like to take the new offers. But the majority is still deterred by the many “island solutions”. Because ...

Report • 01.03.2013

Online Stores and Security

How secure is mobile shopping?

Smartphones and tablets are no longer just mere communication tools. Today modern devices do not just replace the camera and MP3 Player. Internet-capable mobile phones are turning more and more into sales consultants and sales counters, and are ...

Interview • 01.03.2013

"Contactless payment will become the norm over the next few years"

iXtenso Interview with Andreas Löw, Marketing Director for Feig Electronic

iXtenso has talked with Andreas Löw, Marketing Director for Feig Electronic, about this subject. The company develops RFID components for a number of application areas, among them shop floor and supply chain management. Mr. Löw, what ...

Report • 18.01.2012

“Mobile money“ instead of cash

The EHI Technology Days in Cologne, Germany, delivered a taste of the upcoming EuroCIS. One important topic in Düsseldorf is going to be cashless payment. For a long time, its share in German retail has stagnated at just over 40 percent. Now ...


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