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News • 03.02.2017

Online retail prices often match those in stores

Study shows online retail prices often match store prices - and suggests why they sometimes do not

When you buy products online, do you imagine you could get better prices in a store? Conversely, does in-store shopping lead you to wonder whether you are missing better prices online? Fear not. An innovative study by an MIT economist shows that ...

Company News • 18.01.2017

Successful omnichannel project by OSP and novomind in Thailand

The omnichannel software Movex will be integrated for a webshop project by the Thai retail group CP ALL

Successful omnichannel entry for the Thai retail group CP ALL: Otto Group Solution Provider (OSP), an IT service provider with many years of experience in retail and logistics, launched the first CP All webshop that is linked with other sales ...

News • 12.01.2017

Online sales to account for a larger share of retail in Germany report

The publication, "Germany B2C E-Commerce Sales Forecasts: 2016 to 2020," synthesizes several reliable primary sources in outlining future growth. The fifth largest E-Commerce market globally, and the second largest in Europe after the ...

Optimal Product Information • 17.11.2016

"Customer reviews are pure gold" – Manufacturers can support retailers with content

Interview with Dr. Thomas Salditt, Head of Digital Business Enabling at BSH

These days, customers want entirely different product information than they did in the past – especially when it comes to refrigerators, dishwashers and the like. Dr. Thomas Salditt from BSH Home Appliances Corporation talks about the contents ...

News • 02.11.2016

The Black Friday store experience is driving consumers online

Half of US and UK consumers will not be shopping during Black Friday or will not visit stores, because of the stress of the experience

Periscope By McKinsey has released the findings of new research conducted with US & UK consumers on their attitudes towards Black Friday 2016, and how they plan to shop. Black Friday may be considered one of the biggest shopping events of the ...

News • 19.09.2016

Customers want closer ties between in-store and online says study

50 percent would like future shops to offer virtual reality product-testing

European consumers want the online and in-store shopping experience to be entirely integrated with greater use of technology on the high street, according to CBRE, the world’s leading global real estate advisor. In a pan-European study of ...

Company News • 01.09.2016

J.Crew and Nordstrom announce partnership

Edited J.Crew collection to be featured in 16 Nordstrom stores and at

J.Crew Group, Inc. announces that Nordstrom will sell an edited assortment of the J.Crew collection at select Nordstrom full-line stores and at beginning September 12th. The assortment will include women's apparel, accessories and ...

Interview • 24.05.2016

”Delivery is crucial in the online shopping experience“

Interview with Arjan Kerkhoff, Senior Director Key Account Management Northern & Central Europe at MetaPack

Not only are they young and like to spend money, they are also very tech savvy: the Millennial Generation. Since they grew up with the Internet, they are well informed and already had experiences with online retailers. In this iXtenso interview, ...

Online stores and customer service • 10.05.2016

Of live chats and artificially intelligent search engines

Man or machine: who would you like to get advice from? That probably depends on the way you are being approached.

Whether it is via live chats with real employees or artificially intelligent search functions such as IBM’s Watson. The only thing that’s important here is to answer customer requests as fast and easily as possible. You are probably ...

Report • 05.04.2016

Missed opportunities: Challenging online shopping

Accessible websites generate sales

First, the good news: technically, there should only be winners when it comes to this subject. Providers of accessible websites service the largest possible group of customers and generate the most sales. However, many people need to overcome ...

Interview • 30.03.2016

”Many customers are willing to try online grocery shopping“

Interview with Marcel Fuhlmann, CEO of diva-e Digital Value Enterprise GmbH

Marcel Fuhlmann, CEO and Manager of the Business Unit Platform Online Food Retailing at diva-e Digital Value Enterprise GmbH, explains which criteria successful online grocery stores should meet.

Interview • 07.03.2016

"Making shopping even more convenient for consumers"

Interview with EuroCIS-Director Elke Moebius about the highlights and trends of the trade fair

EuroCIS 2016 was a complete success: boasting a significantly increased number of visitors and for the first time, an exhibition floor plan of more than 10,000m², it featured the latest trends in retail technology. At the conclusion of the ...

Report • 11.11.2015

Otto experiments with NFC

Sticker as a "Product Wizard"

Online retailer OTTO currently experiments with the different possible applications of the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. But Otto is not looking for payment functions, but rather focusing on the service aspect. With an NFC-button ...

Company News • 23.10.2015

Social media remains an important tool for retailers

Almost all online retailers use social media

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with customers and to respond quickly to questions and problems. This has also been recognized by many German retailers. Online retailers in particular are focusing on social media. According to a ...

Report • 08.10.2015

"B2C and B2B are becoming more and more alike"

28. ECC-Forum "B2B in Digital Transformation" in Cologne

Cologne as a meeting place of retail: After the spring edition of the ECC-Forum as usual put the focus on the B2C sector with the topic "Experience and Service in (Online) Retail" around 155 participants came together in Cologne on October ...

Report • 30.09.2015

Retail concepts at the airport have to become more individual

Retail at airports is becoming more comprehensive, digital and more regional

At airports there is s chance for retailers to do really good business. But airports need the right retail concept – not only for passengers but also for customers from throughout the region. From online offers to special services and a ...

Interview • 07.08.2015

“Online stores using responsive design cannot be tested enough“

Interview with Michel Sperlich, Managing Director of

A lot of development work is needed before an online store can be launched. All store components need to work properly – and with all end devices. This requires extensive tests. These days, developers are able to outsource this testing to the ...

Interview • 07.08.2015

”Germany’s eCommerce industry is strongly influenced by the ecosystem“

Interview with Hagen Meischner, Country Manager Deutschland for PrestaShop

Starting an online shop today no longer needs to be expensive and complicated. Just like in other IT areas, free open source tools have long since been available. Yet do these savings not inevitably come at the expense of quality? Hagen Meischner, ...

Interview • 07.08.2015

“The key to success lies in collaboration”

Interview with Andreas Bauer, CPO of 004 GmbH

Online retail not only offers sales potential for retailers but also for manufacturers. How can retailers and producers subsequently avoid getting into an uncomfortable competitive situation online? Andreas Bauer, CPO of 004 GmbH, argues in favor of ...

Interview • 10.04.2015

“Data-driven companies are clearly more successful in eCommerce“

Interview with Alexander Reschke, CMO of Webdata Solutions

The eCommerce market is shaped in particular by its dynamics. Developments and trends move a lot faster than in pure brick-and-mortar retail and online retailers need to be able to respond quickly and remain flexible to changes in the market. In an ...

Interview • 17.03.2015

eCommerce: "Retail currently needs employees with in-depth knowledge"

Interview with Peter Stolpe, Director of Retail Qualifications at the Akademie Handel

The key for small and medium-sized retailers to stay competitive despite the big online retail competition lies in going online, too. With a new postgraduate program, the Akademie Handel (English: Retail Academy) in Munich trains retail employees to ...

Interview • 01.10.2014

“A professional concept for category and attribute management pays off“

Interview with Korhan Canbolat, Owner of Canbolat Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

In 2009, Korhan Canbolat founded the Canbolat Vertriebsgesellschaft (English translation: Canbolat Distribution Company) and has turned it into an efficient and sustainably successful online retail company since then. With a wide range of goods in ...

Company News • 07.05.2014

Bigger not always better

NCC research

The UK’s 50 busiest e-tailers had website load times three times slower than the industry standard during Q1, according to NCC Group’s quarterly retail benchmark report. Data from the global information assurance firm revealed the ...

Interview • 05.05.2014

"Many customers are not ready yet to shop groceries online"

Interview with Alexander Graf,

The (English: Checkout Zone) blog was started in 2008 by Alexander Graf and Florian Hermsdorf and covers developments of online business models. In this iXtenso interview, e-commerce expert Graf, who already among other things oversaw ...

Interview • 05.05.2014

"Logistics decides the future of online food sales"

Interview with Dr. Bernhard Albert, Foresight Solutions

The eCommerce story is a success story. More and more products are being bought online. Yet one area online retail has not been able to conquer is food retailing. Dr. Bernhard Albert from the Foresight Solutions Institute for Future Research assists ...

Interview • 05.05.2014

"The customer makes his food buying decision when he plans the meals"

Interview with Silvan Dolezalek, Zaunz Publishing and Robert Walters, Cookbutler

No question about it, e-Commerce is booming, but it doesn’t apply to all industry sectors the same way. While books, clothing items or consumer electronics are already being sold online to a large extent, online food retail is still in its ...

Report • 01.03.2013

Online Stores and Security

How secure is mobile shopping?

Smartphones and tablets are no longer just mere communication tools. Today modern devices do not just replace the camera and MP3 Player. Internet-capable mobile phones are turning more and more into sales consultants and sales counters, and are ...

Interview • 01.03.2013

Online Shops: Secure Shopping Satisfies Customers

Interview with Sebastian Spooren, Project Leader at

Whether it’s food, books or electrical appliances – online shops offer a very large assortment of products. At this point, Internet users in Germany are making 25 percent of purchases online. But is online shopping always secure? Online ...

Interview • 31.01.2013

“eCommerce promotes traditional types of advertising“

iXtenso-Interview with Ute Holtmann and Marlene Lohmann, EHI Retail Institute

Retail today has a great many possibilities for advertising and customer communication available – and the Internet constantly creates new channels. Nevertheless, the traditional types of advertising such as ads, flyers and catalogs continue ...

Interview • 05.01.2012

“Our consumers expect us to serve them through the online-channel.”

Interview with Rune Sølvsteen, e-commerce Director ad interim at Hunkemöller

Founded in 1886, Hunkemöller is one of the largest lingerie chains in Europe. The Dutch company employs more than 2.600 people and runs more than 450 shops in 15 countries. Hunkemöller has been active on the internet since 2001 and launched its ...

Report • 05.10.2011

Stores end up being downloaded more and more to mobile devices or – the “m” is getting increasingly important on the Internet. There are more and more web pages specifically for mobile devices. Retailers are strongly getting in on the act. It’s practically a ...


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