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Report • 02.05.2017

Scent marketing in retail creates a welcoming atmosphere

The use of scents at the POS increases attractiveness and customer loyalty

Scent marketing in retail has gotten a bad reputation over the years. It has been accused of seducing and manipulating consumers. That’s also the reason why only very few retailers let the public in on their concepts. Having said that, many ...

News • 27.04.2017

CVS Pharmacy introduces new store design to enhance retail customer experience

Reimagined store design, new health services, an expanded offering of health and beauty products and “better-for-you” food options rolling out

CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health, unveiled a new store design to enhance the retail customer experience with a new assortment of healthier food, health-focused products and expanded beauty selections paired with informational signage ...


Company News • 25.04.2017

Patrizia Pepe celebrates opening with Umdasch Shopfitting

Umdasch took care of the entire construction management

On 11 April 2017 the new store for fashion & accessories in the high-end segment finally opened. It is centrally located in the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Parndorf. We take care of everything – in line with this mission statement ...

News • 13.04.2017

Von Maur department store opens first location in Wisconsin

New location continues strategic national expansion plans

Von Maur opened a new store at The Corners of Brookfield in Brookfield, Wis.The 150,000-square-foot store is the company's first location in Wisconsin. Known for its selection of brand name and specialty apparel, shoes, ...

News • 11.04.2017

Rutter's uncorks wine sales

The first Rutter's location to sell wine started sales

The first Rutter's location to sell wine is located at 2215 Old Trail Road in Goldsboro Newberry Township. It marks the first of seven Rutter's locations planning to sell wine with beer. This Rutter's is the first convenience store ...


News • 10.04.2017

RetailMeNot: best things to buy in April

Top categories that garner the best savings this month

When it comes to spring purchases, staples like flowy tops, spring break excursions and updates for the home are all must-haves. In order to not break the bank this season, RetailMeNot, a leading savings destination, has done the research and ...

Company News • 03.04.2017

Reima AirConcept runs smelling pictures

Perfect visual display advertisement you can smell

To make a pleasant scent and moving images stay in the mind of customers and visitors, Reima AirConcept developed the “eye-catcher for the nose”, the first serial video-scent-display for sales promotion. At the EuroShop 2017 in ...

News • 30.03.2017

NRF says later easter expected to bring record spending

Americans will spend more than ever as they celebrate Easter nearly three weeks later this year than last

According to NRF’s annual survey, spending for Easter is expected to reach 18.4 billion dollars, up 6 percent over last year’s record 17.3 billion dollars and a new all-time high in the survey’s 14-year history. Those ...

EuroShop 2017 • 21.03.2017

Retailers and manufacturers take responsibility

Retail sector in a great mood to invest

The term “sustainability” increasingly becomes a buzzword. Especially in the retail sector, it is difficult to reach a consensus on what sustainability truly means. Is it referring to the sustainable production of materials, recycling ...

Company News • 17.03.2017

Still not comfortable with millennials? Wait till you see generation Z

A multi-generational workplace offers diversity in thinking, which can be highly productive and a great place to learn

Employers are still coming to terms with how to accommodate the work habits of millennials. You remember Millennials, the generation that reached adulthood around 2000 and brought a fair amount of change. They prefer flexible hours, have a strong ...

Video • 16.03.2017

That was EuroShop 2017

Breathtaking and visionary

EuroShop again has been a brilliant event. You will be impressed by the variety of innovations and inspirations for the retail industry that was shown in the busy halls during the past five days. Be inspired! ...

Video • 08.03.2017

Visual Merchandising: Using a good story to stimulate the customer's imagination

It is all about the best decoration, because you buy with your eyes first

In times of e-commerce, visual marketing is becoming more and more important. Emotions and a well thought out story are crucial elements of the visual merchandising processes. The EuroShop dimension “Visual Merchandising” demonstrates ...

Video • 08.03.2017

POP marketing: Catching the customer’s eye

Sales promotion at the POS

At EuroShop 2017, the dimension POP marketing shows the most attractive and most fascinating installations for the point of sale. It is exactly here, where the customer decides which product to buy. Take a look at our highlights! ...

Video • 06.03.2017

Brand communication – how to present your brand

A successful trade fair appearance is more than just a product presentation

Today, companies have to create a visual, haptic and emotional experience. Trade fairs or other events are also an important communication tool and part of a well-thought-out marketing strategy. The current trends for a successful live communication ...

Video • 05.03.2017

The supermarket of the future - SES-imagotag Deutschland GmbH

Searching a product in the supermarket will soon be a thing of the past for both customers and employees

This is made possible by the "connected store". Guillaume Portier from SES-imagotag Deutschland GmbH explains how it works. ...

News • 23.02.2017

Cross-border B2C E-Commerce drives intra-regional retail trade in Europe

Strong intra-regional cross-border E-Commerce trend develops, as many online shoppers in Europe buy from countries in the same region

The report “Europe Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2017” reveals key trends and perspectives of cross-border online retail in this region, citing multiple market statistics, forecasts and consumer surveys. One of the key findings of the ...

Interactive trends • 22.02.2017

A look ahead: Virtual Reality at EuroShop 2017

What’s the actual purpose of virtual retail applications?

Is it all about the fun factor or maybe more about the chance to obtain more comprehensive information? At any rate, the interactive character of these solutions provides many opportunities for the retail sector – both online and offline. ...

News • 17.02.2017

Fast-growing multicultural influence across grocery's

Multicultural consumers are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population and the growth engine for fresh food categories within the grocery space

With the rapid growth of multicultural households in America and their unparalleled influence on the marketplace, there is a strong need for retailers to revise their in-store strategies to include a wider range of fresh food products and flavor ...

Company News • 17.02.2017

How to get shorter lines in your store

Speed up the checkouts and avoid long queues

Most people want their checkout experience to be as fast as possible. While retailers know queues are inevitable, new research* shows just how much of an impact a long line can have on purchase behaviour. The researchers discovered that the length ...

News • 16.02.2017

Organizations must pay attention to new factors driving customer loyalty in the digital age

Accenture Strategy unveils the new ‘languages of loyalty’ driving customer relationships in the digital age

Organizations are wasting billions of dollars each year on customer loyalty programs that don’t work like they used to, according to new research from Accenture Strategy. With millions of loyalty points sitting dormant and the majority of U.S. ...

Company News • 16.02.2017

Experience 20 Million floorings: increase traffic - boost sales!

There is really now way around FOTOBODEN™ at the coming EuroShop –
the World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair

Not only because the Kaarst-based company will be one of the biggest exhibitors at the trade fair with some 1,500m²of “covered” floor space in the truest sense of the word. Or because the giant logo of the trade fair at Entrance ...

News • 10.02.2017

Starbucks debuts voice ordering

Starbucks launches voice ordering capabilities within Starbucks mobile iOS app and Amazon Alexa platform

Starbucks is taking the next step toward evolving the digital customer experience by launching voice ordering capabilities within the Starbucks mobile iOS app and the popular Amazon Alexa platform. These features are an extension of Starbucks ...

Company News • 07.02.2017

Kesko now purchases 100 percent renewable electricity

K-Group also increases own renewable energy production

Since the beginning of 2017, all electricity purchased by Kesko in Finland is renewable. In 2017, the amount of electricity purchased by Kesko will be approximately 540 GWh. This electricity will be used in K-stores and the K-Group’s other ...

News • 03.02.2017

Digital mirror provides shoppers with extra product information

Award-winning technology makes it into the new flagship store of Coop Italia

The Supermarket of the Future is a large grocery store featuring pioneering digital solutions developed by Carlo Ratti Associati and built by Coop Italia, Italy’s largest supermarket chain. The Supermarket of the Future represents a further ...

News • 03.02.2017

Online retail prices often match those in stores

Study shows online retail prices often match store prices - and suggests why they sometimes do not

When you buy products online, do you imagine you could get better prices in a store? Conversely, does in-store shopping lead you to wonder whether you are missing better prices online? Fear not. An innovative study by an MIT economist shows that ...

News • 18.01.2017

98 percent of Generation Z still shop in-store

Despite living a digital life

Despite expectations that the first "digitally native" generation would want to shop online, a new study released today by IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the National Retail Federation found that almost all members of Generation Z prefer to shop in ...

Trade fair appearance • 09.01.2017

Social Media is important, face-to-face interaction is even more essential

Interview with Jan Kalbfleisch, Managing Director FAMAB Association for Direct Business Communication

At the EuroShop 2017, nothing is more important than having a great trade fair booth. Technology and digitization are not just great toys, they are also amazing gadgets to showcase your brand. Virtual reality and interactive designs are major ...

Company News • 21.12.2016

First-of-its-kind partnership with campaign for local holiday shopping

​West coast lifestyle app Validated and Portland bike share program Biketown announce first-of-its-kind partnership that lets shops and restaurants validate bike share costs

To kick off the partnership, Biketown and Validated are launching #GetValidated when you fill your Biketown basket: a co-marketing campaign to encourage people to do two things this season: shop local and explore freely. "When it comes to ...

Communication • 15.12.2016

Retail industry: act sustainably and talk about it!

“Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive, they complement each other.“

Major retail chains like Coop and Marks & Spencer are role models in many ways when it comes to sustainable retail. They heap awards and accolades for their responsible projects and approaches. Other retailers should also acknowledge this ...

Company News • 13.12.2016

Sellers and consultants report a happy Jumia Black Friday 2016

75 percent of orders had shipped by Friday November 25th

The 2016 edition of Jumia Black Friday may have come and gone, but the excitement and taste of success still lingers for the sellers, sales agents and community of entrepreneurs who experienced impressive sales and positive customer feedback during ...

Company News • 06.12.2016

Customer satisfaction is more important than ever during the festive season

Retailers need to ensure their supply chain is agile enough to handle the volume spike

The end of year festive season is almost upon us and for many businesses, especially those in the retail sector, this means the start of the peak activity period. In order to realize revenue targets, as well as offer a shopping experience that ...

retail trends • 01.12.2016

EuroShop 2017 at a glance

Here you will find all the important topics that affect the world's leading trade fair for the retail


Trends in retail and gastronomy • 28.11.2016

How Digital Signage promotes visual marketing

Until recently, retailers addressed customers at the shop window or point of sale primarily with posters, displays or other eye-catchers

Yet media overload makes it increasingly difficult for these traditional, static advertising formats to assert themselves. New interesting presentation platforms that inform and entertain consumers increasingly prevail. They are summarized under ...

News • 18.11.2016

Shoppers more likely to buy products that have more space around them

More space between items in a store enhances perceptions of the store's prestige, aesthetics and value of products

Shoppers are more likely to buy products that have more space around them than the same products surrounded by less space (less interstitial space) according to a new study from the University of Miami School of Business Administration. The findings ...

Optimal Product Information • 17.11.2016

"Customer reviews are pure gold" – Manufacturers can support retailers with content

Interview with Dr. Thomas Salditt, Head of Digital Business Enabling at BSH

These days, customers want entirely different product information than they did in the past – especially when it comes to refrigerators, dishwashers and the like. Dr. Thomas Salditt from BSH Home Appliances Corporation talks about the contents ...

News • 10.11.2016

Retail imports up as holiday shoppers head to stores

Imports are growing, but not as fast as in past years

With the holiday shopping season officially under way, imports at the nation’s major retail container ports are expected to be up 4.4 percent this month over the same time last year and should see a slightly larger increase next month, ...

viscom 2016 • 03.11.2016

Networking, learning, inspiration

More than 300 exhibitors to showcase new visual communication products at viscom 2016

Advertising without visual communication – virtually unthinkable. Find out what undreamt-of possibilities hide behind the term at the International Trade Fair for Visual Communication, which is set to take place in Frankfurt from 2 to 4 ...

News • 02.11.2016

The Black Friday store experience is driving consumers online

Half of US and UK consumers will not be shopping during Black Friday or will not visit stores, because of the stress of the experience

Periscope By McKinsey has released the findings of new research conducted with US & UK consumers on their attitudes towards Black Friday 2016, and how they plan to shop. Black Friday may be considered one of the biggest shopping events of the ...

Visual Merchandising • 19.09.2016

Designing store windows: It is the idea that counts

Interview with Karin Wahl, expert in retail product presentation

She is bubbling over with creativity: Karin Wahl, a professional visual designer of store windows and sales floors. She seems to find a story for every product to stage it and catch the interest of pedestrians passing by a store. That’s why ...

Report • 09.09.2016

Sound systems perfectly stage products and brands

Whispering Window and Sound Shower draw customers to the store and entice them into buying

Sales aids that stimulate the senses of customers are becoming more and more important. Visual marketing alone is no longer enough. Nothing should be left to chance, even when it comes to music. After all, a professional music concept doesn’t ...

News • 01.09.2016

Retailers and manufacturers missing out on billions of dollars in laptop sales

71 percent would buy new laptops every two years

On average 71 percent of consumers across the UK and USA will upgrade to a new laptop within two years if retailers guarantee them a rebate of 50 per cent on the original purchase price of their current model, according to a new survey of 1,000 ...

tradefair • 01.09.2016

viscom: The world of digital printing is coming to Frankfurt

viscom SIGN 2016 bundles the industry’s expertise with new structure: viscom frankfurt 2016 to take place as two trade fairs for the first time

Enhanced profile, clear positioning – including in digital printing. Structured as the two separate trade fairs viscom SIGN and viscom POS taking place concurrently in Frankfurt from 2 to 4 November, viscom is using the occasion of the ...

Report • 01.09.2016

On a global scale: Identify key strengths and critical opportunities

The Global GfK/NPD Brand Report, provides the highest amount of global point-of-sale (POS) coverage available for technology and home industries on the market

The Global GfK/NPD Brand Report, a single repository of category data across countries covered by both NPD and GfK, aligns brand names, key attributes, and attribute values with a powerful front-end interface that highlights key strengths and market ...

Report • 30.06.2016

Enticing customers to the POS with geo-fencing

„Location-based advertising is an inevitable part of the modern marketing mix“

The demand for digital marketing strategies that can also be locally applied is growing. Location-based real-time communication enables retailers to bridge the gap between digital advertising and the offline behavior of their customers. That’s ...

Interview • 24.05.2016

”Delivery is crucial in the online shopping experience“

Interview with Arjan Kerkhoff, Senior Director Key Account Management Northern & Central Europe at MetaPack

Not only are they young and like to spend money, they are also very tech savvy: the Millennial Generation. Since they grew up with the Internet, they are well informed and already had experiences with online retailers. In this iXtenso interview, ...

Company News • 09.05.2016

Does the surge in UK contactless payments hint at cash’s demise?

One in five retail purchases under £30 in the United Kingdom these days are completed with contactless payments. Instead of handing cash to a store clerk or swiping a card, shoppers use "tap and go" cards, smart cards or mobile ...

Interview • 02.05.2016

"True omnichannel retailers understand that the customer comes first"

Interview with Channie Mize, General Manager for Retail at Periscope, a McKinsey Solution

At the World Retail Congress 2016 in Dubai, Periscope has conducted a survey among the conference participants which found that most retailers (78 percent) are still not in a position to offer their customers a consistent brand experience across all ...

Report • 02.05.2016

Playfully increasing sales at the POS

Gamification in brick-and-mortar stores

What types of advertising still work at the POS system today? More than ever, retailers need to ask themselves this question. After all, even if customers can still be approached by using classic advertising techniques, it’s unclear which form ...

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